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How do I search open positions and requirements?

Visit our website at www.republicEbank.com and click on the “About"  link.  Next, click on “Careers” link and then the “Available Positions” link.  You can view all available positions from this page.  When you find a position that is of interest to you, click on the title to display the job description and requirements. 


How do I apply for a position

When you find a position of interest to you, click on the title to open the job description and requirements page and scroll down to the bottom.  In the left-hand corner you will see a box titled “Apply”.  Within the box are two buttons: “New Resume/CV” and “Existing Resume/CV”.  Click on “New Resume/CV” if you do not already have a profile created on our application page and follow the prompts.  If you already have a profile, click on “Existing Resume/CV” and follow the prompts.  Note: Before applying, you should carefully review the job posting to ensure that you possess the requirements for the position.


How do I determine if I qualify for a position?

The minimum qualifications for each position are listed on the job posting.  Read these requirements carefully.  Minimum qualifications may include college degrees or coursework, a license or certificate, specific length of experience, or skills, knowledge, and abilities in a specific field.  You should be able to determine whether or not you meet the minimum qualifications. 


How does the Human Resource department determine if I qualify for a position?

Your application and other materials are reviewed. These other materials may include a supplemental question(s) designed for that position, a list of college classes or copay of a degree, resume, cover letter, licenses, certificates, and references.  Special skills can be submitted on the application so that the Human Resource Department can make that determination.  If all information is not provided, your application will be disqualified.


Do I have to complete an application?

Yes, everyone who applies for a position is required to complete an application.  Any required information is denoted with an asterisk (*). However, the more information you provide, the easier it will be to effectively evaluate your skills. Please note that any incomplete application will not be considered.


How long does it take to fill out an application online?

This can vary based on your previous years of experience; however, we would suggest you allow a minimum of 30 minutes to complete the full application.


Why does Republic Bank of Chicago use an online application process?

Completing an online application does more than save trees to make a greener environment. The online process offers applicants many benefits such as:

  • Viewing of open positions online 24 hours a day/7 days per week.
  • Opportunity to apply for any open position 24/7.
  • Ability to apply from anywhere that has internet access and from any device (computer, tablet, or smart phone) without the need to hand-deliver, postal mail, email, or fax your application.
  • Completing your basic application information one time, if you create a profile, and have the ability to update your profile information or apply to additional jobs without having to complete a new application each time.
  • Greatly increases our ability to cut recruiting time and will allow instant communication with candidates during the recruiting process.


Do I need to have an email account to use an online application process?

Yes, you will need an email account to receive communication regarding your application/resume.  We ask that you only use your Republic Bank email account; do not utilize non-Republic Bank email accounts for the application process. 


Do I need to create a profile to browse job openings?

No. You do not need to create a profile to browse job openings.


Do I need to create a profile to apply for a position?

You are not required to create a profile to apply for a position; however, if you create a profile, you will be able to apply for any position(s) that interest you as well as return at a later time if you would like to update your profile information, resume, and/or apply for other positions.  To create a profile, once you click on “Accept” you will be guided through the process of creating a candidate profile.


How do I submit a resume?

You may upload a resume when you apply for a position.  If you choose to create a profile on our career website, you will have the added benefit of having access to revising your resume at any time.


Can I submit my resume without applying for a specific position?

No. You must apply for a specific position in order to submit your resume.


What if I do not have a resume?

A resume is not required; however, in the “resume” section of the candidate profile, you should summarize your work history.  NOTE: The more information you provide, the easier it will be to effectively evaluate your skills.


What if I can't log into my profile account?

If you forget your password, click on the forgotten password link on the login screen and a temporary password will be emailed to your Republic Bank of Chicago email address you previously supplied.


What if I do not own a computer?

You are able to submit your application for any Republic Bank of Chicago computer that you are signed onto.  If you prefer, you may also submit your application from any computer, tablet, or smart phone with internet access.  This includes computers at schools, libraries, etc.


If I have trouble searching for employment opportunities, completing my profile, and/or application online, is there another way to proceed?

We invite all interested and qualified US candidates to apply for employment opportunities.  If you are an applicant with a disability who is unable to use our online tools to search and apply for jobs, please contact 630.570.7700.  Please indicate the specifics of assistance needed.  All other individuals are required to complete an online application in order to be considered.


Will I be considered for other positions when applying for a specific position?

We encourage you to apply directly for each position of interest to you and for which you are qualified.


Will I be contacted if my qualifications match a newly opened position?

Generally, you will only be contacted for the position(s) that you apply for.  We encourage you to either complete a job agent or to visit the employment opportunity postings frequently for newly opened positions. 


How do I find out about other positions that are not currently available?

The HR Department accepts applications only when a job is open/active.  If you do not see the position you are interested in on the employment listings page, you can go to the link titled “Create Job Agent” and sign-up to search our job postings and identify potential matches based on your skill set.  It’s easy!  All you need to do is enter your name and Republic Bank of Chicago email address, upload your resume, select how close of a match you’d like and the frequency you’d like to be notified.  Do this once and you’ll be notified when job postings meet your criteria.


How do I update/change my contact information, email address, resume and password?

As long as you have created a profile, you can update any personal information, attach a new resume or change your password.  If you did not create a profile, you are unable to make changes to information previously submitted.


How often can I update my profile?

You may update your profile as often as you would like.


How do I know if you have received my application?

You will receive an email confirming that your application has been received.


How often are new jobs listed?

Positions are updated as soon as an opening becomes available, often on a daily basis.


If a job was posted a few weeks ago and remains on the employment site, is it really still open?

Yes, jobs are removed as they are filled. If a job is listed on our employment website, it is still open.


Is there someone I can call to follow up regarding my interest?

Regretfully, due to the high volume of applications we receive daily, it is not possible to respond to individual inquiries about the status of each application.  We will contact you should additional information be required. 


Where can I read more on the success of Republic Bank of Chicago?

Click here to learn more about Republic Bank of Chicago’s community.

Click here to learn more about Republic Bank of Chicago’s financial health.  

Click here to learn more about Republic Bank of Chicago news.


Where can I find information on benefits available to employees?

As a regular full-time or regular part-time employee of Republic Bank of Chicago, you are eligible to participate in and choose from a comprehensive package of benefits.  Click here for a listing of those benefits. 


Is there opportunity for advancement within Republic Bank of Chicago?

Yes, open positions are posted on Republic Bank of Chicago’s Intranet to enable employees to apply for positions. It is the intent of Republic Bank of Chicago to promote from within when possible.


Is diversity important to Republic Bank of Chicago?

Yes, it has been and will continue to be the policy of Republic Bank of Chicago to be an equal opportunity employer and promote a diverse workplace. Click here to read the letter from our President elaborating on our committment to diversity.


What are the lines of businesses that an employee could work within?

Republic Bank of Chicago is comprised of four lines of business, which are all essential to the Bank’s financial success: Commercial, Consumer, Retail, and Operations.


Commercial Lending

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Commercial and Industrial (C&I)
  • OREO Sales
  • Managed Assets
  • PPC
  • Leasing
  • Small Business


Consumer Lending

  • Mortgage / HELOC
  • Auto
  • Secured and Secured
  • Overdraft Lines of Credit



  • Business Development
  • Branch (Branch) Banking
  • Cash Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Mortgage Services
  • Money Services Business



  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Compliance and CRA
  • Marketing
  • Credit Administration
  • Loan Operations
  • Deposit Operations
  • Branch Operations
  • BSA
  • Security
  • General Counsel
  • Purchasing


Once I submit an application, what happens and what are the steps in the interview process?

After you submit an application:

  1. A member of the Recruitment team will review your background and experience to determine if you meet the minimum requirements of the open position.
  2. The best qualified candidates may be contacted to arrange for a phone interview or an in-person behavioral based interview with an interviewing manager.
  3. An e-Application will be sent to the applicant for completion prior to the interview. If selected, you will need to complete and return the completed e-Application prior to the interview taking place.
  4. If you are chosen to continue in the selection process, the next step will be an interview with the hiring manager. Additional interviews may be required based on the level of the job.
  5. Once a hiring decision is made and an offer is extend, the final step in the process is a background verification and drug screen.


NOTE: Contact and communication with each applicant will depend on the number of applicants and the timing of their resume submission in relation to the status of the opening. Due to high levels of interest and quantities of applications, we cannot contact each and every applicant who submits an application.


What is a Behavioral Interview?

The definition of a Republic Bank of Chicago behavioral interview is a structured series of questions aimed at eliciting behavioral information against specific job-related competencies. This method of interviewing involves the use of open-ended questions. For example: Can you give me an example of a time when…? You may be asked to explain a situation, describe a task, your actions and the result of your actions.


What should I do if I am contacted for an interview?

Sell yourself!  Remember that this is your chance to put on your pom-poms and show the interviewer that you are the most perfect person for the job.  The following tips may help:

  • Review the job announcement and your application in order to familiarize yourself with that position and how your qualifications match those required of the position.
  • Research the department and what function they perform for the Bank.
  • Be prompt and dress professionally.
  • Ask questions if you have them.


An offer of employment will be made to the top candidate after the selection process has been completed.


How much do I have to know about banking/finance during an interview?

This depends on the level of the position. Generally having some basic knowledge about the position for which you are applying and the Bank is recommended. One way to learn more about Republic Bank of Chicago is by reviewing our website.


What happens if I am selected for the position?

If you have been selected for the position, you will receive a verbal offer of employment.  The verbal offer will likely come from the Department Head, but may come from the Human Resource Department.  Once you agree on a starting date, the Human Resource Department will contact you to discuss the next steps in the hiring process to include the background verification and drug test requirements.  You will also be sent an offer letter outlining the information that had been discussed in the verbal offer. 


Will I have to pass a background verification?

Yes.  Everyone (full-time, part-time, seasonal/temporary, interns) must pass a background verification before their first day of employment.  The background verification information will be provided to you at the time the offer of employment is made.


All offers are contingent upon complete and satisfactory findings of the pre-employment background verification. The background verification may include (depending on position/department):

  • Credit report
  • Employment verification
  • Verification of academic credentials
  • Verification of occupational and professional licenses
  • Social security number search
  • Criminal records (county, state, federal, and international)
  • Driver’s license and driving record
  • Drug screening


What is the new employee on-boarding process?

On the first day of work, new employees report to their direct manager or designee to complete their new hire documents. There is a one-day New Employee Orientation class that takes place at our corporate office; all new hires are required to attend New Employee Orientation. There are also various training programs and in-house classes set up for different positions within the bank.


What if I am not selected for the position?

You will receive notification from the Human Resources Department within a reasonable amount of time once the selection process has been completed.